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StemEnhance Jump Starts Your Body's Natural Renewal System

What is it?

StemFlo, The perfect Partner Of StemEnhance

What does StemFLO do?

StemFLO® is a proprietary blend of herbs and all natural ingredients that support optimal blood circulation by reducing fibrin and oxidative stress in the blood, detoxifying the blood and improving overall blood flow.  StemFLO® is especially designed to support the delivery of stem cells to all parts of the body. StemFLO® also supports the delivery of nutrients and oxygen, as well as immune cells, throughout the whole body. When used in conjunction with StemEnhance®, StemFLO® optimizes the body’s ability to deliver and circulate adult stem cells to the tissues and organs where they are needed.

What are the ingredients in StemFLO? Is it all natural?

StemFLO® is an all-natural product and all its ingredients are natural. StemFLO® is a blend of:

  1. Fibrinerase® - A proprietary blend of plant-based enzymes that helps decrease fibrin and debris in the blood, supporting optimal blood flow.
  2. Organically certified (Asia) mangosteen -  Mangosteen is an extraordinary fruit originally from Southeast Asia, well known for its antioxidant properties.
  3. Berry Extract – A special formulation of berry extracts with proven high antioxidant potential designed to neutralize the production of damaging “free-radicals” in the body. STEMTech uses only extracts that have a high ORAC and CAP-e values.  ORAC and CAP-e are the industry standard for measuring the effectiveness of any antioxidant product.
  4. Cat’s Claw  – Also called the “Sacred Herb of the Rainforest”, this tropical vine found in the jungles of the Amazonian Basin provides potent unique antioxidant support.
  5. Rehmannia  - A powerful herb from China used to support optimal blood circulation.
  6. Curcumin – Extracted from the Turmeric plant, curcumin has been used for centuries in Southeast Asia to help cleanse the blood and detoxify the body.
How will StemFLO benefit me?

By supporting the breakdown of fibrin in the blood and preventing the formation of new fibrin mesh, StemFLO® supports optimal blood circulation, supporting the optimal delivery of stem cells to the tissues and organs of the body. Therefore, when taken with StemEnhance®, StemFLO® further supports the natural renewal system of the body.  StemFLO® also incidentally supports optimal delivery of nutrient and oxygen throughout the body.